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Your Easiest Guide to Finding and Buying the Perfect Soccer Goals


To put it quite simply, depth relates to an area within the soccer goal where the goalie can step inside and enhance his defensive performance.

A soccer goal without depth has the net hanging straight down from the top cross bar and offers little to no room for the goalie to back up against. It is typically found on portable plastic youth goals.

In contrast, the soccer goal with depth is designed in a way that the goalie will have room to defend for his team inside. Instead of a single top cross bar where the net hangs from, it has two additional bars at 90 degree angles extending to the back. It is generally found on higher quality metal goals.

Another type of soccer goal is the box-shaped one. Like its name implies, it is rectangular and framed at right angles to give the most room within the goal. It is designed for permanent use and is found on professional heavy metal goals.

Now that you’re armed with these essential tips, it’s time to head out and shop for your perfect soccer goal at Grand Slam. Their equipment is built to last, reliable, and strong enough to withstand the lively and aggressive sport that is soccer.