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When Does Your Vehicle Need SR22 Insurance

Section 1 of the Declarations Page also contains the name of the sr22 insurance company, and you may see more than one company name printed here if a number of insurance companies are part of the same organization or group.
Sections 3 and 5 of the Declarations Page are related, so we will discuss them together before we discuss Section 4. Section 3 identifies the named insured by name and mailing address. Many other people can be covered by an sr22 insurance policy besides the one whose name appears in the Declarations. Although other people may be covered under some circumstances, the policy is still an agreement between the named insured and the insurance company. In some cases, a married couple may choose to include both spouses as named insureds—otherwise the named insured is usually just one person.
Section 5 indicates the address at which the insured vehicles are principally garaged (that is, most often kept), if it is different from the named insured’s mailing address. Such a difference might occur if the named insured uses a post office box as a mailing address, or lives in one city but keeps a car at a vacation home located in a different city or state. The sr22 insurance The last part of the Declarations Page, Section 9, in-clues spaces for a date and signatures. Notice the statement: “This policy shall not be valid unless countersigned by our authorized agent.” The signature of an insurance company officer is frequently preprinted on the blank forms. But an agent must sign the completed Declarations to make the policy valid, and the date of countersignature and the city and state in which the agent’s office is located must be entered as well. Some agents will also type or rubber stamp the agency name and address on the Declarations, but this is not necessary.
A final caveat: To extend your liability, medical pay-mints, uninsured motorists, collision and other than collision coverage to motor homes, motorcycles, golf carts, etc., you must endorse your auto policy with a Miscellaneous Type Vehicle Endorsement1.
We’ll consider the best ways to shop for cost-effective sr22 insurance in Chapter 9. But, to some degree, figuring out what kind of insurance you need requires you to make the kind of choices that control how much you’ll spend on auto coverage.
If you are driving an older car with a low replacement value, you might want to drop your collision coverage in order to reduce your premium. However, if you cause an accident causing damage to your car, you would not be reimbursed at all for the vehicle, so you should only do this if you are willing to pay the entire cost of repairing or replacing that vehicle. To represent the cost of the car when new. Both the symbol and model year (or age) of covered autos will be used by the sr22 insurance company in determining the policy premium.
The first part of Section 6 lists coverages which are available under a Personal Auto Policy.
For both collision loss and other than collision loss, Section 6 in the Declarations, the limits of liability are specified as “ACV minus $.