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Tips on decorationg room with camo design

Seating in the bedroom can make a room feel cozy and inviting. Just don’t let it become a stash spot. Place the chair away from closets and dressers so you’re not inclined to disrobe and toss on to the seat.

Blue and white is a classic color combination in the bedroom. Note the different shades of blue incorporated into the throw pillows, bedding, accents and walls. A splash of sage green in the art above the bed breaks it up and adds another layer of color. Info on purple camo bedding for baby



Decorate the Ceiling
Decorate the ceiling so that it stands out. Paint an intricate design on the ceiling or cover it with wallpaper. Bring those colors into the room through your walls, furnishings and accessories to tie it all together. Paint fluffy white clouds against a blue background, stripes or even a floral design. Choose a large-scale pattern so the pattern doesn’t get lost.
Paint the ceiling a couple of shades darker than the walls to visually bring it down. Or, paint the higher portion of the wall and ceiling in a darker shade down to a chair rail. Check this article on blue camo bedding twin
Adorn the ceiling with thick beams, decorative skylights or another architectural feature to draw the eye up and bring the ceiling down at the same time.

Lighting and Sound

 Bring the lights and surround sound down to your level or the effect will feel cavernous and echo. Install speakers on the walls rather than the ceiling. Use extenders if you hang lights from the ceiling so the lights are closer to the furniture. Install track lighting or specialty lights that you can point down onto artwork or architecturally interesting points, as well as up. Using a combination of down- and up-lighting will create a balance that keeps the focus on the furnishings rather than the voluminous ceilings.


Choose furniture that matches the scale of the room. Overstuffed sofas or chairs, large sturdy occasional tables and other hefty pieces will make a statement in the room. Slinky slender pieces would look smaller than they are and leave the room feeling unbalanced. Arrange your furniture in a way that creates a cozy and comfortable setting that feels inviting. If your living room is large, create a couple of different conversation arrangements or zones rather than situating the pieces far from one another.

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 Hang long luxurious curtains that go from the top windows or ceiling all the way to the floor if you want to emphasize the high ceilings and create a formal look. Install a chair rail to keep the focus on the furnishings rather than the size. This works for a casual or formal room.

 Artwork, sconces, lighting fixtures and other wall decor should be on scale with the wall you hang them on. If you hang a smaller picture or mirror on a 20-foot wall, it will appear out of place. Group pieces together for more of an impact if the pieces are too small individually.