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The Secret Of Gulet Charter Croatia

As such, carefully reviewing any and all documentation related to the responsibility one takes on when renting such a is often a good idea. If one is renting a vessel, such rental companies may or may not have insurance coverage which covers independent contractors as captains.

If you can decide in advance about whether you require a sun deck with Jacuzzi or not, for example, you can narrow your field of options considerably. After all this excitement, a great way to end your day is by getting a massage at the Kia Ora Hotel (near the Tiputa pass) followed by a pre-dinner drink on their glass-bottomed, above-water bar before heading into the open-air restaurant for a traditional Polynesian meal, perhaps paired with one of the local wines! The two deep passes connecting the lagoon and ocean (Avatoru and Tiputa, which are also the names of the two villages on the island) are where most of the marine action is, and don’t miss the adrenaline-pumping daily event called “shoot the pass” when you (and the fish) are rushed with the tidal water through the pass at a very high speed.


Whether you prefer snorkeling, scuba diving, or the view from a glass-bottomed boat, you can expect to see dolphins, black tipped, lemon, nurse, and grey reef sharks, red snapper, napoleon fish, surgeon fish, barracuda, tuna, jackfish, moray eels, various rays, several sea turtle species and sometimes even Manta rays. The 240 tiny islets, all below 3 feet in elevation and separated by 100 small channels, create a huge, crystal clear lagoon (with 150-foot visibility in the water) in that impossible turquoise-jade green color you think, until you see it, must be photoshopped. Diving and snorkeling, however, is the primary reason people visit Rangiroa; it is considered one of the world’s best diving spots.

Rangiroa Vineyard was created by French wine enthusiast Dominique Auroy in 1992 by shipping in the appropriate type of soil from Tahiti and vines from France and Italy, and today the vines produce two harvests per year. Rangiroa lies about an hour’s flight from Tahiti and is known for its pearl farming, superlative diving, and quite surprisingly, its local wine, Vin de Tahiti. The Tuamotus is not a common tourist destination, and you can expect a true south seas getaway here.


If you want to experience something a bit off the beaten path, head northeast from Raiatea to the Tuamotu archipelago. During those months, you can expect moderate trade winds blowing from the East at 10 to 15 knots, air temperatures in the mid 80s and water temperatures around 80. January and February bring heavy rains, and, as is the case in so many places, July and August are the height of tourist season and therefore more crowded. The best time to visit is March to November, with April, May, June and September being the top choices.

The island is volcanic with high mountain peaks, deep valleys, rivers, waterfalls, and lush rainforests. Tahiti is the most populated, with 178,133 inhabitants, and home of the capital, Papeete.