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The History of Best Pheromones

The pheromone-imbued tidbit in an odd expression of foreplay. If the suitor liked the scent (and the pheromones) of the apple, intimacy was sure to follow.
The History of Best Pheromones
Nineteenth-century French poet Charles Baudelaire posited that the soul resides in the erotic sweat. He had never heard of pheromones, but was he referring unknowingly to human chemical interaction and attraction? And what of the comment of French novelist Joris-Karl Huysmans, who claimed the odor emanating from a woman’s underarms “easily uncaged the animal in man.” Is this unleashing of raw passion really the work of invisible, odorless pheromones?
Of course, we can’t forget to mention the now-famous correspondence between Napoleon and his empress, Josephine. In one of his letters, Napoleon informs his beloved that he will be returning home in a few days. He signs off with this succinct request: Please, do not bathe. Napoleon understood that his lover’s powerful sexual perfume (perfume laced with pheromones, we now know) would have been lost with the interference of soap and water.Louis XIV, the French Sun King, stank horribly because he shunned baths, calling them unhealthy. Louis also chased smelly women. The smellier the woman, the more lustful Louis’s response. While the king’s pungent bouquet may have offended the sensitive noses of his court, he was in fact listening to and obeying his true human nature: By not bathing, Louis kept his pheromones concentrated on his skin. His attraction to unbathed women was probably stoked by the fact that they, too, didn’t wash off their sweat—and their pheromones—every day. Journalist Bill Moyers once asked mythology scholar Joseph Campbell the question, “Why do you think we fall in love with one person and not another?” Campbell’s response directs us once again to the possibility of pheromone-induced love: “It’s a very mysterious thing, that electric thing that happens, and then the agony that can follow. The troubadours celebrate the agony of love, the sickness the doctors cannot cure, the wounds that can be healed only by the weapon that delivered the wound.” Learn more about the best pheromones at and
How Best Pheromones Influence Women
In relation to the original question: “Just wondering if people here have a higher need then sex with pheromones?” I say yes: that the girl have nice breasts, does anal, dresses sexy for me in a wide variety of ways so my eyes don’t fixate so frantically on other eye candy walking down the street, does not act catty, realizes that I’m an artist and I am *required* to be fascinated by Ferraris and the beauty of young girls, and that she be proud of me and strokes my ego instead of plays little battles of the sexes. 
78% of first marriages break up, mostly initiated by the women, mostly because of pheromonal “conflict.” Is that love at work? What higher need$ do those women have? I think a man is much more likely to “fall in love” with a waitress than a women is to “fall in love” with a waiter, because evolution *had* to instill love (pair-bonding) in men more so than in women, or why else would we spend half our lives raising kids instead of being pickup artists. Oops. That *is* what we do. Learn more about best pheromones at