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The Best Way to Put In a Brand New Furnace

Installing a new HVAC Greeley co furnace could be carried out with an excellent sort homeowner that was skilled. There really are several items you will need to find out. I’ll not have the ability to express everything that I understand in a article like this, but I am going to try to offer the significant things that can help the man that is skilled in order to beat a few of the major hurdles which will be encountered when altering a furnace.


First thing you need to do when changing you out furnace will be to analyze new versions that are different. Don’t suppose as you’ve which you want to same BTU furnace. Perhaps you are substantially better off with a furnace that is smaller, particularly when you’re changing an old inefficient furnace using a higher efficiency model out. Also check the measurements of the newest furnace will permit it to fit into the exact same space, and accommodate to the prevailing supply and return duct work.

Next you’ll need to get rid of the old furnace. When you are doing this make sure to plan for installing the brand new furnace. By doing some careful planning you may make the hookup of the newest furnace much more easy. Don’t take more is required to remove to old furnace. Then place the newest furnace to benefit from as much of the present components from your old furnace as you possibly can.

Take away as well as the oil or gasoline lines. Then take the supply and return duct work apart. After cutting the proper hole to the right or left side of the furnace many times the return duct work can only be reattached to the newest furnace. Provided that you may not have air conditioning in your furnace it is possible to frequently simply strap up the supply ductwork briefly to the ceiling till you will get the newest furnace under it and hold it there. Many new furnaces will not be as tall as the old ones, and that means you’ll either should block up the furnace and shorten the return duct, or you’ll need to attach it to the present duct work after which support the supply duct and construct new duct to really go up to the old supply. Duct-plank stuff is not difficult to operate with and will function nicely for achieving this.


For those who have air conditioning for you system it is possible to regularly support the indoor coil combined with the duct work and simply make the swap underneath it. In the event that you are unable to do that you’ll need to get an expert that will help you so that you recharge the machine and can pump down. That procedure requires specific gear and particular permit to get the work done.

Now that you indicated so you understand the way that it goes back together and have everything removed in the furnace, it is possible to slide the newest furnace set up. I generally start with hooking up the supply duct, then the return duct. After these two important things have been in place wiring and the gas line may be set up to the newest furnace. I generally make sure in order for the piping component is simpler to make use of an approve flexible gas line. Usually the newest furnace will be fit to by the electric lines, yet if not then altering the cables is actually not that difficult.