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cases of healing and slimming

We publish, in privacy, some clinical cases of cures and weight loss achieved with fasting: all cases are taken from the records of our archives and, therefore, all rigorously documented.

For lack of space, the published cases mainly concern the past few years.

Imagining that anyone who reads this document does not have time to view the many clinical cases, we thought we’d publish 60 “numbered”, which can give an idea sufficiently exhaustive of the potential of the fast, both in terms of health, both in terms of the “remise en forme” and of emaciation.

Who is particularly interested in the potential of fasting on health, in addition to the first case, can read especially the cases by the number 51 to 60.

Many other cases, of all kinds, gender and age, are published in another document.

Another aspect that you can see by reading the first 60 cases is that fasting can be done by anyone, and not only by those who are very fat.

Finally, as you can see, even from reading the other document, fasting always gives great results, only to have to maintain over time.

But this depends on the person in question, and its ability to capture a series of notions of type antidietologico.

In fact, the Broussais, with its unique Metabolic Diet, does not engage in any “maintenance diet,” nor any “dietician” restriction.

Our method teaches the “tricks” to help but forever of diets and dieticians.

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1) 41-year-old lady, musician, born 8 February, as also the dr. Simeon, but a few years later.

In care for years with 100 mcg. thyroid hormone, begin to heal with us Hashimoto in October 2005; her starting weight was 98,500 kg.

To get in shape and get rid of all the extra pounds taken with thyroid hormone, began a fast on June 19, 2006, starting with 96,500 kg.

On June 30, 2006, the last day of fasting, weighs 88. 500 kg weight loss of 11 pounds in 8: therefore a day.

Update March 8, 2007, international women’s day: after less than 10 months of care, with small loops in fasting and implementing the metabolic diet, the lady has returned the girl I was before, weighing in at 61,900 kg and, in addition, with the complete suspension of thyroid hormone and thyroid function perfectly recovered.

In addition to thyroid hormone, suspended as well as other drugs, including Statins for cholesterol.

Last updated by end June 2007: Mrs. weighs 59,700 kg and there was no need for an additional small cycle of fasting.

40 pounds less in a year.

In perfect health and eliminating all meds.

2) Lady of 1957, he began a fast on July 7, 2003, weighing in at 62,800.

For its metabolism very slowed lost very little in his 10 days of care, about 5 pounds.

With the subsequent metabolic diet, however, on 2 August she arrived at 56,500, weigh and, after the summer, the 1 St September, 54,500.

Since then has stabilized over this weight, 54 and 51 pounds, not always sailing between “according to diet”: from the medical records are a burden to 52,700 on July 26, 2008 and a weight of 51,500 on October 29, 2007.

36-year-old girl, 3) starts a fast on June 20, 2005, with 84,700 kg.

In the first 10 days reaches the weight of 78,400.

The Metabolic Diet begins and, “without dieting,” keeps the result quietly.

The following month, making other 5 days of fasting, coming to weigh 74 kilograms.

In September 2005 makes other 6-7 days of fasting, coming to 69,100 kg.

At that point, continuing the metabolic diet, still occurs in practice exactly one year later (she lives in Rome) and weighing 65 pounds.

Make 3 fasting days reminder, reaching 63 pounds.

At that point resumes the usual Metabolic Diet and our returns in our Center almost a year later, to make another few days of fasting, which led her to weigh 59,200 kg on August 4, 2007.

4 September 2007: the update after the summer weight had 59,100 kg.

Around 25,500 kg less, “without dieting …”, and maintained without effort.

4) 42-year old lady, begins a week of fasting on January 17, 2007, weighing in at 54,300 kg.

At the end of the month, on March 6, 2007, the weight was 48,900 kg.

5) Lady of 1963, comes to first visit the March 23, 2004, with a weight of 133,300 kg.

Usual story behind weight-loss attempts failed, with Anorectic Drugs and whatnot.

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