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New BLU Phones are Ready to be Launched


Blu phones are slowly starting to become a rage all over the world. Their price point deserves a special mention which helps people of all classes use and experience smartphones. The platform of CES 2015 was utilized by this Latin American company to announce new smartphones based on the Android operating system. Keeping up with their low-cost products in the past, they have priced all of their upcoming products pretty well. Their cheapest phone would cost $89 and their most expensive smartphone will cost not more than $200. I can already sense of lot of potential customers waiting to buy one of these BLU phones once they are released.

Some of the popular models of Blu smartphones such as VIVO Air, Studio G, Studio Energy and Studio X which released earlier this year had good sales numbers. They were sold on The Life One series smartphones went on sale in the month of march. BLU is considered to be the leader in the manufacture of unlocked smartphones.

The dedication of Blu products in providing a wide range of smartphone choices at affordable prices to customers all over the world needs to be appreciated. Blu phones boast of great looks and can do everything that a smartphone should do. The executives of BLU products promised that the new smartphones which will be launched in the coming months would show vast improvements in design and user experience with no increase in prices.