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My Top Five Unique Vacation Experiences

Then there are bathrooms with shower and a separate toilet as well. There is a double vanity as well as the best showers. Each villa has a host who takes care of the needs of the guests. So all the guests here can enjoy the best of meals being served and also can enjoy the excursions that are arranged with the guide. Look at my previous travel story at There are daily flights that fly from the airport at Johannesburg to the airport at Vilanculos. This makes the place very easily accessible from any destination in the entire world. The flight is around two hours. There are also helicopters that help to transfer the guests. This would have a flying time of around 10 minutes.

Then you have the Marlin Lodge which is located on the Benguerra Island which is one of the main archipelagic islands which is also known as the Bazaruto Archipelago which lies just off the Mozambique coast. With around 19 chalets that are found along the Flamingo Bay coast, the Marlin Lodge gives the visitor great luxurious accommodation with a lot of pristine surroundings of a fascinating beach resort.

“When I get a chance to have a little talk with the chaperones…” I let the sentence drag. David knew me well enough to know that the supposedly responsible adults wouldn’t enjoy our chat. He took a swig of Pepsi and climbed into the drivers’ seat. I got in the passenger side and fastened my belt. “Buckle up,” I told him. He didn’t say anything to that, but he clicked the belt into place.

Minneapolis was a two-day drive. We could have flown but even if I managed to get myself on the plane, I knew there would be no way in hell that Angel would get on a plane. So it was road trip time. I only hoped she would be okay while we traveled.

It was 4am, two neatly packed bags sat by the stiff bristled mat by the backdoor. Atop the larger of the two is a set of keys, several keys of different shapes and sizes. A shiny brass key for the lock on the barn door, a long rusting key for the ageing farm house door, a small padlock key, two identical silver keys for the gun cabinet, and a black car key printed with the words “Land Rover”.

They were all attached to a faded green enamel key ring which if examined carefully revealed the words “Visit Scotland” and scraped into the black paint on the back was “David”.