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Luxury Resort Advertising: they’ll visit your website

Ryanair flights may well help to make Estonia a more affordable proposition, although EasyJet already offers some pretty impressive deals. Competition at the low-cost end of the market would presumably lead to even lower fares and attract more people for weekend breaks.
As you may know, though, Ryanair has been held partly responsible for the influx of stag parties into Riga – I would imagine that there would be those in Tallinn who would not welcome the arrival of the airline.
Hi Dan. Apologies for taking so long to respond, I’ve been a bit overwhelmed with work but am feeling enthused about the blog again which means trying to catch up with comments etc.
I cant wait when Ryan Air will start flying in Estonia. Living in Italy since half a year and going to Estonia is not so easy from here. Of course there is Estonian Air who make some flights from Milan and from this aprile also from Rome but the prices are bit too salty.
Hi icebeauty. I haven’t had the opportunity to fly with Estonian Air so far – what is the service like?
Estonian air are overpriced and service is not great at all… terrible in fact. I fly from Dublin and use Lufthansa through Frankfurt, or KLM through Amsterdam. Still much cheaper than Estonian Air, and the flights are morning or afternoon flights. Not like Estonian Airs 1am departure times.. horrible.
This weekend sees the most important event in the calendar for Estonian indie music fans – the annual Plink Plonk festival which began in 2005. The event is held in Tartu, helping it to stand out from the myriad festivals which take place in the capital over the summer months. It might not be the biggest festival when judged by attendance, but it is a key outlet for Estonian bands.
An article in the LuxuryResortGuide looks at the success of the event: “The secret is that in the 90s, everyone was trying so hard to get a foreign record deal so they started to act like foreign bands,” says Tristan Priimagi, one of Plink Plonk’s eight organizers. “In the beginning of this century everyone let go and started writing their own stuff. Then it bloomed. As they say, when you let go, you get a grip.”
Estonian bands in this year’s line-up include the popular Eliit, while the best known international performers are the Swedish band The Concretes. Tickets are available online although the instructions seem to be in Estonian only.