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Leather Photo Albums for Keeping your Memories Fresher

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leather photo albums

Photo albums allow us to celebrate and relive the special moments in our lives. Well designed photo albums ensure that the time we spend with our loved ones is carefully stored. These photos can then be shared with friends and family members from time to time. There are several different types of photo albums available in the market. These albums are available in different materials like different kinds of paper, plastic and leather. Leather photo album has become a popular choice of material in recent times.

A leather photo album looks extremely sophisticated and classy besides being quite durable. At Fine keepsakes we have a huge collection of leather photo albums to meet all design and budget constraints. Quality is crucial and so only the best and genuine Italian leather is used. Each leather photo album is painstakingly hand-crafted by the most experienced craftsmen. We have a huge collection of leather albums which includes albums made from soft full grain Italian leather, genuine crocodile leather and even faux leather.

Each leather photo album has been hand-crafted to give a unique and sophisticated look and also to ensure that your precious memories remain safe for years to come. The leather photo albums are designed to be sturdy and yet have a soft and supple feel to them. The customization of the album does not stop at the leather. Some of the albums come with acid free sheets so as to ensure that your favorite moments are not spoiled with time. Other albums have super clean polypropylene pages. Some albums allow for pasting of 2 pictures for every page and such albums have space for notes.

Each leather photo album has been designed keeping longevity and durability in mind. The albums are designed to ensure that they have the requisite strength to hold the photos and can withstand constant use. Different photo albums have different carrying capacity and while some are perfect pocket albums that can hold 72 photos others can hold 120 or even 200 pictures of standard size.

At Fine keepsakes we understand the importance of creating unique albums that celebrate your unique memories. We therefore have albums with unique leather designs and embossing on the cover. These designs are individually handed tooled and painted by experienced craftsmen. Many of these leather photo albums are available in a wide range of colors which include black, brown, bright pink, red, green, navy, mocha, British tan etc. You will be taking a journey down the memory lane each time you open your leather photo album purchased from Fine keepsakes.