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How to slim your thighs: diet, exercises and tips

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How to slim your thighs: FAT or water retention?

The first step is to determine whether the volume of the thighs is due to grease or fluid accumulation. For this it is useful to calculate your body mass index through a visit to a specialist. Through this test you’ll get an idea of what the problem is upstream. Having said that there are some questions that must be answered:

Do regularly go?

Drink a lot of water?

I follow a healthy, balanced diet?

I smoke, I drink and I lead a wild life?

Based on these questions you may realize what the causes of your problem. In some cases then it goes also to cellulite and in that case you should really give a revisited your lifestyle.

How to slim your thighs: a healthy diet

The second step for how much and how often to take garcinia cambogia slimming thighs you eat carefully. Taken from the rush and the trends of the moment, very often we throw ourselves into the reckless or diet we eat salty food, overhigh, ready and downright harmful. Among the foods to which we should keep us away we find: wine, salt, sugar, meats, red meat, fried foods, refined foods and prepackaged. Salt and sugar seem to one of the most difficult waivers, in fact you can replace with spices and honey. Yes to fruits and vegetables, whole foods, yogurt, lean protein of eggs, fish and poultry (particularly recommended egg white). It is very important to eliminate the salt to reduce water retention but at the same time we must drink at least two liters of water a day, including some green tea and vegetable smoothies. To avoid coffee and alcohol. Preferably it should be to draw up a proper diet by a professional. Some advice: take two meals a day and three snacks, no food after 20 and no carbs at night.

How to slim your thighs: exercise

For slimming thighs you must move. Slim and tone are not actions which trigger alone but ranging activated through targeted exercise. Among the most physical activities are recommended for slimming thighs we find: the bike, dance, skating, walking, running and water aerobics. There should be at least 30 minutes of activity a day or an hour every other day.

Of course we also need specific exercises, we see some.

Exercises to slim thighs

The exercise of the Chair is very effective: bust straight, cornered and legs slightly open, it pretends to sit in a Chair. To be repeated 40 times.

Cycling: apart from the real one and the exercise bike, it is very helpful to lie on the floor and do some bicycling in the air without lifting your legs too. 50 rides.

Lunges: take long steps sinking the leg until it forms an angle with the knee. 20 per leg.

The squat is a classic always effective: diverged legs and flexing as in the Act of sitting down. Repeat 20 times.

Bending: upright, bend the legs by bringing his arms outstretched in front of him. Repeat 20 times.

The scissors: lying on your side with your head resting on one hand, contracting the abdomen and buttocks and lift your leg (left or right depending on the side on which it is based), then bring it back down but not to touch the other leg. Repeat 30 times each leg.

Legs stretched out: get on the floor, Contracting abdomen and buttocks and raise both legs stretched out in midair, then bring them down but don’t let them touch the ground.

How to slim your thighs: here are the things to do

After feeding and exercising it takes some little trick. Use creams that help to streamline, maybe to caffeine and seaweed mud or clay or with coffee (read: DIY anticellulite Mud). It is very important the massage because it activates microcirculation favouring the nourishment and tissue oxygenation. If you get a chance, do some massage from an expert may not be a bad idea.

Do Scottish showers or alternating jets of cold water hot water jets, this gesture very active circulation and helps to tone. In winter is not exactly the best, but if you want to look beautiful …

Drink water and herbal teas, as already mentioned. Draining and slimming tea in particular help to burn fat and dispose of excess fluids. Very well the pineapple juice, among other things, ally of beauty. There are also herbal teas thermogenic properties that are recommended to have energy and at the same time keep the line but it’s good to be careful and not to abuse it. You can find many products that promise miracles, but we must be able to recognize the disappointments.

Absolutely no smoking and lead a sedentary life that are not allies of good health.