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How Aromatherapy helps in Mind Therapy ?

I have never been a huge fan of conventional medicine. I stay away from medications as much as possible and I place a stronger focus on homeopathic remedies. In the past years I have fallen in love with aromatherapy and its healing properties. I now use it when I’m in need of a pick me up; to soothe sunburns, achy muscles, relieve some anxiety, as an antiseptic, and plethora of other applications. Aromatherapy oils are made by extracting the natural oils from various parts of plants. Typically, steam distillation is used to produce the oils. Steam will run through the plant breaking down the cells that carry the oil. The oil and steam are then carried to a cooling chamber where they are separated resulting in the capture of the essential oil.

Below we’ll take a look at the top five oils I always have on hand at home.

1. Lavender. Lavender oil has this yummy, fresh floral scent with a dash of sweetness and herby aroma. I find it completely intoxicating. On top of it smelling amazing, it is also the most versatile of all essential oils. Therapeutically, lavender oil has a calming effect which does wonders for those suffering from anxiety. Medicinally, it can be used as an antiseptic and pain reliever to soothe minor burns, insect bites and stings, and muscle or joint pain. This is also a great scent to use for savasana during yoga practice; one breath and you’ll feel blissful. What will be the best aromatherapy diffuser for you… check out here.

2. Peppermint. Peppermint oil has a very stimulating yet soothing aroma and is what I like to call “mother nature’s Icy Hot” due to its main constituent, menthol. This stuff is amazing. Not only is it effective in arousing your mental sharpness but it can be used to relieve congestion, headaches, migraines, digestive problems, and soothe achy muscles. I typically use it to get rid of headaches by rubbing a tiny bit on my temples or to relieve muscle soreness by diluting it with a carrier oil, like grape seed oil, and rubbing it into whatever is sore.

3. Eucalyptus. This oil has a very fresh and clean aroma that is sure to open your airways up.  Eucalyptus oil is anti-everything, and for once that’s a good thing. It is a natural antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory. It is best used for respiratory problems like colds, coughs, asthma, and congestion in addition to wounds, muscle pain, mental exhaustion, dental care, and skin care. I love to drop a little of this in a hot bath when I am feeling congested; it’s a great natural way to clear my nasal passages up.

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5 Favorite Essential Oils for Mental Clarity

While there aren’t volumes of scientific studies to back up the claims that these essential oils actually help your brain, there is hundreds of years (if not more) of traditional wisdom that confirms it.

However! Much has been studied about one of these essential oils, especially, in terms of how it affects the brain – and the results of the studies are excellent. (Yes, of course, we’re talking about rosemary.)

Here are the 5 Favorite Essential Oils for Mental Clarity:

    Juniper Berry
    Sage or Clary Sage

Rosemary and clary sage will probably always be my two favorites, but I’ve recently discovered juniper berry – and it is a fast and quick love. Check out the Essential oil diffuser reviews for your aromatherapy

If you want to know where to get these essential oils? Check your local natural foods store, pop over to Mountain Rose Herbs, or check out Vitacost.

Now that you know what to use, here’s how to use them.
How to Use Your Essential Oils to Clear Your Mind

There are several different ways in which you can harness the aromatherapeutic power of these essential oils. I’m going to give my favorite three ways (which also happen to be the easiest ways), but I’m sure you guys can think of more.

You know, thinking outside the box and all.
Use the Ever-So-Easy Pot and Water Method

If you’re okay with filling your entire house with the scents of these essential oils, the quickest, most inexpensive, and easiest method is simply to drop them into a small pot that’s filled a little way with water.

Let the water heat up just until it’s steaming, and then turn down the heat and leave it on the burner for a few minutes until all the oils have evaporated into the air.

Or, my favorite thing to do, walk around the room/house with a pot of steaming essential oil water, so it fills the air with the healthy goodness. Be careful not to drop it, though.
Add Your Blend to a “Homemade Solid Perfume”

Instead of using your homemade solid perfume as, well, a perfume, why not turn it into a mental clarity balm?

Choose a blend of your favorite brain-boosting EOs (or just a single EO, is fine, too) and swap it for your more perfumey oils as you’re making the recipe.

Then, when you need a brain pick-me-up, just dab a small bit of the perfume on your temples or just under your nose.

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