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Diet of juice bars & smoothies

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A day when you consume only fresh green juices and fat burners.

Just a day to lose up to 2 pounds, combat swelling and reactivate your metabolism with the diet of milkshakes and smoothies. A day when you consume only juice bars & smoothies, 6 in all, draining and fat burners.

Juice Diet to lose weight 2 kg in 24 hours: menu

Juice bars & smoothies

A quick diet detox and slimming the care USA, fashion stars like Gwyneth Paltrow and Salma Hayek.

Always from overseas arrived in Italy the lines of juices ready with centrifuged and smoothies prepared and delivered “in the home”, thereby making the diet easy even for the most lazy.

We propose you a DIY version. To be bikini ready.

The diet of milkshakes & smoothies has three actions that synergize in synergy between them: drains, fighting cellulite, detoxifies, activates the metabolism. For a salvalinea effect in 360 degrees!

Via swelling.

A ‘ living ‘ water that fresh fruit and vegetable juices, rich in vitamins and minerals, which helps eliminate unwanted liquids and reduce edema and swelling, especially in the legs. For this reason the diet of milkshakes is cellulite: stimulates the lymph circulation and disposal of toxins.

Perfect for women who experience heavy legs and see signs of “orange peel” effect on the thighs and buttocks. The ingredients for draining of the diet are carrots and fennel bringing active principles fundamental to the water balance of the body such as potassium, calcium, phosphorus and blueberries, known by the traditional medicine for the strong protective action on capillaries and the ability to improve the tone and elasticity of the blood vessels.

The smoothies satiate low calorie and give vitality and tone.

To purify.

Twenty-four hours of liquid feeding and especially “green” help to purify. It is important to help your body regain its optimum pH is often altered by a diet too rich in animal protein, especially red meat and cheese.

With the acidosis you will lose part of enzymes that help digest and assimilate food. Metabolism, and then the conversion of food into energy, slow down. It’s easy to feel tired, fatigued. Digestion may become difficult: you have heartburn and upset after lunch. There are also negative effects on beauty.

The exchange of nutrients within cells decreases. Tissues, including the skin, get less vitamins, minerals and other antioxidant substances, which have an anti-age action. The skin looks duller and ages before.

Reactivate your metabolism

A slow metabolism is the worst obstacle when you want to lose weight. A “liquid” day, although aggressively decided calories, can be the right way to turn it back on.

Especially our Smoothies are also fat burner, why include low fat milk and yogurt that provides protein, calcium, often insufficient share integrated in women, and that, in the right amounts, helps keep you in line.

Avocados and nuts make good fats that help maintain stable blood sugar for breakfast and lunch, avoiding the attacks of hunger due to the rise in blood sugar levels.

Evening Smoothie beans rise slightly the share of the energy mix but provide valuable vegetable protein for weight loss while keeping your skin tone. Then there are the active components, thermogenic properties, which help to burn more calories: among the most effective ginger.

In the program of the diet are provided 6 himalaya fat loss pills reviews smoothies or centrifuged to consume at different times from the morning till the evening. This helps you not feel hunger, even if you do not eat solid foods.

The choice of ingredients is not random: in the three main meals the smoothie makes fatty acids, proteins, sugars in greater quantities in order to give energy.

Smoothies snacks are moisturizers, refresh and stimulate the lymphatic circulation, metabolism and depuration.

Respect the times is also important to find the right pace of power, which often lack a chi si mitre so messy with many snacks overtime and “poor” and quick meals.

The presence of protein ingredients it helps not to deplete muscle and lean body mass.

The diet of milkshakes and smoothies 24 hours should be followed for 6 provides to be eaten at different times of the day. Helps you lose up to 2 pounds and eliminate liquids.

In addition to the juices you should drink even water, non-carbonated, room temperature. You can repeat after a month.