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Collaboration Between the Custom Home Builder, Architect and the Client

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The process of building a new custom luxury home should be an enjoyable one. To ensure this, the collaboration between the client, architect and the builder should be smooth and genuine. Building a custom home is like creating a piece of art. There should be attention to detail and perfection. It is possible in case of a custom home project only when the concerned parties are in sync. With a positive collaboration between the client, architect and the custom home builder, the input and ideas obtained during the brainstorming sessions would be unique and varied.

As the client, you need to carefully choose the architect and the custom builder who are going to work with you throughout the project which can span across many months. It is definitely not going to be a small project. Hence, the relationship throughout the project with the builder and the architect should be good. You can choose to hire the architect first and then the builder. Choosing the builder first and then hiring the architect with the help of the builder may also work. It depends on your convenience.