Fantastic Smartphone Specs of Huawei Honor 7i


At a price point of 350 dollars, you would have a feeling that Huawei Honor 7i is not affordable. As a matter of fact, it is true. But. if you compare the smartphone specs of this phone with other smartphones, you would come to know that Huawei has done a masterful job in making a world class smartphone.

The Huawei badge would make you want to buy the phone even if it is costly. Huawei is one company which makes honesty products. Even though it doesn’t market its products well, you cannot question the quality of its products. Huawei makes technically sound products and it is true with Honor 7i too.

Honor 7i’s 4G is known to be the best in the world currently. For browsing the internet, this phone is supposedly the best one available now. If you don’t mind the high price, you should blindly go for this phone in spite of the glitzy, well-promoted phones of other brands like Samsung and Apple.


New Color for the New iPhone 6s Plus

Gray, Silver and Gold were the colors of iPhone 5s and 6. With iPhone 6s and 6s+, Apple is going to bring in a new color in the form of rose gold. It is basically a mix of pink and gold color. Girls would like this color a lot. Apple wants to improve the number of women buyers of iPhones. Hence, they have decided to bring in this new color for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s plus.

Gold color already exists in iPhones. Rose gold would be nothing but a pinkish variation of gold appealing to the sensibilities of women. Rose gold iPhone 6s plus would be made using anodized aluminum material unlike other colors. ion-X glass would be used for the display screen of iPhone 6s plus. ion-X glass is the term coined by Apple to refer to ionized glass. Apple seems to have done away with sapphire crystal for this particular color while they continue to use it for other colors.