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5 Reasons Why Most Companies Now Use Open Source Technologies And Applications


Recent survey results from iFeeltech have shown that a lot of small business organizations and most companies are changing their attitudes towards open source software application.

There’s a gradual shift from the use of popular proprietary software to open source applications. Here are the top three reasons these firms are making this gradual shift.

Top #1: Open Source Applications Are Free!

The fact that these software applications are free makes it very attractive because it helps these companies reduce their cost of operations.

About 68% of the respondents also attested to the fact that these systems are cheaper than the traditional ones.

The cost of running traditional software can be a real financial pain for many SMEs especially as some smart software development companies like ADOBE have even devised a system for earning a monthly royalty for the use of their software program compared to the one-off payment they used to receive for purchase in the past.
Like everyone, small business operators are often driven by the desire to reduce costs and raise profits, which further helps them recruit the best employees and expand their market reach.

2: Better Security

About 72% of the respondents to a recent survey on the use of Open Source applications listed the better security they offer as one of the reasons why they often use and prefer them to the traditional software applications.

The lesser security issues they have with their IT equipment, processes and overall infrastructures, the more advantage they will pull by becoming more effective and competitive with their market operations.

3: Quality

About 80% of the survey respondents listed quality as another advantage that open source solutions also offer other proprietary solutions.

Another 55 – 68% further attested to the facts that the quality of these software systems has helped them improve their overall efficiency in internal processes, operations and even helped with the creation of new products and services.

4. User’s Feedback

About 50% of the open survey respondents said their preference for open source application is based on the opportunity it offers them to test openly contribute to the code and eventually adopt it.

Leaders of the open-source industry in a survey conducted by North Bridge Venture Partners and Black Duck Software attested to the wind of change blowing in the industry that has seen the preference businesses now have for their brands compared to traditional software systems.

5: Opportunity to Stand on the Shoulder of Giants

Not every organization can afford the big budgets required to establish a huge IT department, and many small business organizations have been able to scale those hurdles using open source software to build and establish their brands.

Several open source applications are readily available as better alternatives to many custom software programs with pricing beyond the reach of many businesses.

The beauty of many of these systems is that they are owned by mega corporations offering smaller organizations the beauty of the open source world which is affordability and an ability to expand your brand with unique market customization and differentiation.

As a small business owner, you no longer need to reinvent the wheel yourself when you can easily reduce your business risks while standing on the shoulders of giants by taking advantage of the top five reasons many similar organizations are moving from proprietary technologies to open source.